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Welcome to KnucklesNilan's Fight Site!

Hockey Fights!

Welcome to the KnucklesNilan's Hockey Fight Site. There's really not much to see other than a bunch of hockey fights and a few other things here and there. I'm a big hockey fan and watching two combatants slugging it out on the ice gets my blood flowing.

Hockey is a game of intimidation and sometimes the right players need to be out on the ice there to stir things up. When the resident tough guys from each team are on the ice at the same time, there's usually fireworks. Its a great part of the game and if used effectively, it can certainly determine the outcome of any hockey game.

Be sure to browse the Media Section of this site as there are some very entertaining hockey fight videos there. From mixed compilations to my very own Bitter Rivals series, any hockey fight fan will find these entertaining. Or simply take a look at the sections below to see what else this site has to offer.

Enjoy your stay and thanks for checking it out! Oh yeah, sorry about the pop-ups and ad crap... I'm using this free webhosting service so I can put these pages on the web. Sucks, I know, but what can you do?



Lyndon Byers!Featured Fighter
This section has a bunch clips dedicated to one specific tough guy in the NHL. I'll be posting a random different player on a monthly basis. (updated 09-16-06)

This month's Featured Fighter is ALAN MAY! Go check him out in action!

All of my cool videos, images, and other cool media that you can download, incuding my Bitter Rivals series of fights. Bitter Rivals Volume 12 now available!

Other Stuff
Here you can find a bunch of other videos not related to hockey or hockey fights. I'm a big MMA fan, so you may find some really cool fights from Pride Fighting Championships, UFC, and a few other NHB events. Plus more nonsense from KN.

Links to many excellent hockey sites, fighting and non-fighting alike. Plus some other stuff here and there. Featured Site:




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